Let the Dead Bury the Dead is now available at CreateSpace.com

You can find the book here: https://www.createspace.com/4056731

The list-price is 27.95 USD. This is the initial release, with the e-book coming before the end of the month. The book is 8″ X 11″, running at 622 pages, with an index. There are no photos. Sorry to the comic and picture book-only crowd (not really).

And here it is for the UK:  http://www.amazon.co.uk/Let-Dead-Bury-Madam-account/dp/1480297437/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1355242478&sr=1-1

Amazon France: http://www.amazon.fr/Let-Dead-Bury-Madam-account/dp/1480297437/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1355243316&sr=8-1

Amazon Germany: http://www.amazon.de/Let-Dead-Bury-Madam-account/dp/1480297437/ref=sr_1_cc_1?s=aps&ie=UTF8&qid=1355243200&sr=1-1-catcorr

And Amazon Italy: http://www.amazon.it/Let-Dead-Bury-Madam-account/dp/1480297437/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1355243385&sr=8-1

Let the Dead Bury the Dead availability

As of today, the book is available at Amazon US. In a few weeks, it will be found in Amazon EU outlets for ordering. There are currently no signed copies. If you wish to receive one–especially if I don’t know you in any real sense–expect that, yes, there will be some available in the future, but at a significantly higher price. The reasons should be obvious: it costs to send things, especially when they weigh over three pounds. Yes, I am trying to discourage questions about it. I will not be doing book signings for the foreseeable future without some logical economic reason behind it. If it doesn’t at least pay for itself, it’s not gonna happen, period. That is all on that issue.

Also: I will have a widget up here and at J to the Power of 7 in a few days for ease-of-ordering. The best way to find the book at Amazon is to search “DC Madam,” or the title. I’m being told so far that the book is a real page turner. Is this a great holiday gift? That depends on who it’s being bought for. If you want to know how the Republicans love pissing your money away on defense and intelligence spending through contractors, then yes, this is for all of you who find that a matter of concern. Keep that in mind when the GOP’s officeholders start braying about the deficit. They’re the great contributors to it. Why do some people still vote for them? Yes, yes, because the white American South is backwards, a national embarrassment, and that they can’t get over losing the Civil War, certainly. I’m sure it has something to do with the R-complex too, and I’d described most Republican voters as reptilian, but never especially intelligent, honest, or rational, only rarely. Southern Gothic is right: they’ll kill us all yet, you’ll see, just not live to see its aftermath.

Let the Dead Bury the Dead is now available at CreateSpace.com

You can find the book here: https://www.createspace.com/4056731

The list-price is 27.95 USD. This is the initial release. I’ll know in a few days when Amazon will be posting it for purchase. The book is 8″ X 11″, running at 622 pages, with an index. There are no photos–sorry to the comic and picture book crowd (I jest).

There will eventually be an e-book, but I’m edging towards it being about a year from now, maybe more, maybe less, depending on how things go from here. I welcome any serious questions and inquiries and reserve the right to determine which ones are which. Any and all trolling will of course be ignored.

The proof arrived…

It looks pretty good, no real errors but my own. I’ll decide tonight whether to go back and fix a few minor things, or not, tonight. The cover design which is based on a Medieval woodcut came out excellent with its full impact intact, and the text itself looks pretty good, pretty much as expected. The book itself is a little heavy physically, but I consider it something related to crime reference books. There are some similarities to Jay Robert Nash, more in some of the presentation, some of the approach, and because of the array of primary materials. But I also think it has some relation to that type of writing because I leave plenty of signposts for others to continue on from, if they so wish to.

A few copies will be going out to media and a few watchdogs, a few others, for now. There will be no signed copies unless someone can give me a good reason to. I’ve been getting the request from a few people. A little hint: shipping costs money and the book itself weighs-in on the hefty end of the scale, so do the math, it’s not economical, or logical. I kind of get why people would want this, however, a piece of history, but it’s not flattering when you barely know them and there’s a weird expectation that I need to bend over backwards, I will not. All that aside, I’m indifferent about it.

For example, I kept the layout standard, roughly 8″ X 11″ in order to preserve the original layouts of the original, excerpted (and in-full) documents, sometimes emails, as much as possible. There were still times that I had to reformat, where I was left with no other choice, more often in the email correspondence, sometimes from official documents. None of their content has been altered. Imagine how long it would be at 6″ X 9″–close to one thousand pages. There were a number of logical and practical reasons to go with the dimensions and formatting that I did.

I should have a tentative release date in a few days. God bless us–everyone–and happy holidays, even to the assholes out there.

Finally, I noticed in the DCist today that Montgomery Blair Sibley (former DC Madam counsel) is still doing filings contesting the validity of President Obama’s birth certificate. There are better ways now, especially after the GOP got trounced so badly in the national elections, to find another drum to beat. There are plenty of social causes that need attention now. Why not go out and learn a little about OWS?

What to expect in Let the Dead Bury the Dead

Ed.–There will be some excerpts on this site, coming soon.

Too often mislabeled as a “routine” sex scandal by the press, and a prostitution/racketeering/money laundering case by government prosecutors, the charges leveled against the “DC Madam” were a mockery of justice without precedent. This is a tale of institutionalized crony capitalism and the return of aristocracy into a corporate mold. Let the Dead Bury the Dead sheds new light on the investigation, legal proceedings and the phenomenon of the DC Madam, from a witness to history. Drawing from his direct involvement in the case—as well as from a significant array of primary historical materials never before seen by the public–the author will illustrate that there was nothing normal about how the charges against the late Deborah Jeane Palfrey were applied, quite the contrary. From the mainstream media’s attempts at defining and dismissing many explosive facts and patterns in the case to the legal proceedings and show trial, the DC Madam story illuminates textbook examples of prosecutorial misconduct, information warfare, judicial abuse, and political damage control. Possibly a harbinger of things to come, the subsequent death of the DC Madam stands as a shadow testament to the political crisis that ran riot in America under President George W. Bush, and that continues into the present. Media, government and the business sector colluded to bury the story, and for the most part, they have, until now.

Many readers will learn for the first time that:

-The DC Madam’s phone records are littered with phone calls from defense-intelligence contractors.

-Palfrey claimed to have received multiple calls from Brent Wilkes, the government contractor who bribed convicted California congressman Randy “Duke” Cunningham.

-Palfrey’s legal problems began innocuously thanks to a diligent Postal Inspector…and it spiraled out of control from there.

-Deborah Jeane Palfrey knew less than she let on and can be counted as another victim of arbitrary power.

-Palfrey was granted wide, unprecedented subpoena powers over the American intelligence community and all Beltway law enforcement.

-There are more “big names” in her legendary phone records yet to be published.

-Porn publisher Larry Flynt assisted Palfrey more than previously thought, promising her a form of asylum in the aftermath of her trial.

-Palfrey was under periodic observation longer than previously reported, by federal law enforcement, and persons unknown.

-Palfrey was much fairer than the typical American employer by miles, which isn’t difficult…