News on upcoming e-book edition of Let the Dead Bury the Dead, and more

This is going to be through Amazon Books partners. The e-book will be PDF-only for the time being. I’m not a fan of Amazon’s Kindle at all, it ruins layout and adds more cost because of reformatting. Also, I think it’s a shitty platform and that this e-book craze is just that, a craze that will pass, and so too will most everything on it without some kind of data-migration. Besides that, there’s no burning economic reason to do it, this isn’t that kind of a book. Read some of the .99 cent books on Amazon, and you’ll find what a friend described so well as “sixth-grader level of writing skills,” which is true there all over the place.

Yes, I’m a Luddite and not the biggest supporter of this nutty idea that there must be unbridled technological innovation. I don’t see a lot of it as inherently liberatory (why does WordPress’s spellchecker have a lower vocabulary than me? It can’t spell the preceding word). You could make a great argument yesterday that it’s destroying the world simply by coming into being.

The book is indigestible to the mindless consumer crowd, maybe as much as Pasolini’s final film, Salo! Yes, it has many moments that could be described as entertaining, and without question, as I’m being told by a few readers, it’s a page turner. That’s what all true crime books and works about the world of intelligence and politics should be. There are a lot more reasons–important ones that affect all of our lives–contained in the text that should motivate potential readers, especially those living in North America: a dearth of primary information within the covers that falls under the public’s right to know, and a good percentage of it could be evidence either pointing to, or of, specific acts of corruption in the appropriations process in Washington DC. The greatest waste of all is in defense and intelligence spending for a reason. It’s the easiest trough to gorge from thanks to the reactionary tendencies of the American public when it comes to warfare, and yes, I’m hitting the South with a lot of the blame.

The e-book will be presented exactly as I intended the book to be experienced by the prospective reader. I’m a big fan of PDF for this and many other reasons, but mainly because it doesn’t ruin layout. I’m pricing it at $9.99 USD and there will be periodic sales on it. Like most e-books, it will contain the cover art. It should be available before the end of the month. That’s it, yo, there is no ‘mo


I’d like repeat here that there will in fact be an e-book for Let the Dead Bury the Dead. The wait shouldn’t be too long, but there are some complications on several levels regarding formatting that have to be ironed-out, but I don’t expect anyone will have to wait for more than two months. It should take less than that now that all the copyright work is finished. (Anyone else publishing for the first time would be best served by doing registration online, far cheaper, and a lot faster.)

Also related to the case: I’m considering doing an e-book of other primary materials from the case. That means more emails, blog articles, and more, much more, a lot more. Any questions of transparency should already be moot. This would be like a supplement to the book itself. The release–primarily timing–will be dependent on interest in Let the Dead Bury the Dead. I won’t be drawing, for example, from defense materials, but there will be some descriptions of what’s in them, as well as more naming of names for the record.

Yes, that means some more observations on Dan Moldea’s findings, Larry Flynt’s political PI. By the way: I have enjoyed and admired his work, and still do, for some time, and see him as one of the antidotes to conspiracy theory mania, a voice of reason.

To return to the e-book, it will be quality and reasonably priced, on sale upon release like its hard copy counterpart. It will not be encrypted. I don’t get why anyone bothers with that. And again, sorry to the comic and picture book crowd, but there are no photos, this is about the truth, not entertainment. If the latter’s what you’re looking for, I suggest reading Vince Bugliosi’s sketchy output if that’s what yanks your crank. I’ll probably keep both versions on sale for several months. Most importantly, I want this information out there for the public record. Because of that, I’ll be working more on getting it into university libraries at a lower rate to facilitate the process. I don’t like the idea of overcharging libraries. It’s unethical, unless a physical book’s been fortified for that use, and with e-books, there’s no excuse for it beyond banal, hollow-eyed greed. We’ll leave that to Bill Bastone and the military-industrial-infotainment complex. This book may be true crime, but it’s not of that publishing world. I’m not an exploiter.


There will be an e-book edition. However, it’s not going to be for some time, possibly a year, give-or-take. The reason is simple: ease of pirating them. Yes, I’m so greedy, when I work for someone, I actually have the temerity to want to be paid for it, what an asshole, I know. It’s as simple as that. I’d rather not see pirated files online days after a release in that format. Yes, there will be one eventually, but it will probably be a wait. The advantages to buying a hard copy of a book are obvious anyway, I don’t have to tell the reader what they are.

So, imagine having to pay around $200-300 USD to have a book properly formatted for all these reader platforms and being lucky to make it back. You can’t? As my grandfather once said, “I don’t know what to tell you.” I always wanted to be a bush pilot too, but…