Let the Dead Bury the Dead availability

As of today, the book is available at Amazon US. In a few weeks, it will be found in Amazon EU outlets for ordering. There are currently no signed copies. If you wish to receive one–especially if I don’t know you in any real sense–expect that, yes, there will be some available in the future, but at a significantly higher price. The reasons should be obvious: it costs to send things, especially when they weigh over three pounds. Yes, I am trying to discourage questions about it. I will not be doing book signings for the foreseeable future without some logical economic reason behind it. If it doesn’t at least pay for itself, it’s not gonna happen, period. That is all on that issue.

Also: I will have a widget up here and at J to the Power of 7 in a few days for ease-of-ordering. The best way to find the book at Amazon is to search “DC Madam,” or the title. I’m being told so far that the book is a real page turner. Is this a great holiday gift? That depends on who it’s being bought for. If you want to know how the Republicans love pissing your money away on defense and intelligence spending through contractors, then yes, this is for all of you who find that a matter of concern. Keep that in mind when the GOP’s officeholders start braying about the deficit. They’re the great contributors to it. Why do some people still vote for them? Yes, yes, because the white American South is backwards, a national embarrassment, and that they can’t get over losing the Civil War, certainly. I’m sure it has something to do with the R-complex too, and I’d described most Republican voters as reptilian, but never especially intelligent, honest, or rational, only rarely. Southern Gothic is right: they’ll kill us all yet, you’ll see, just not live to see its aftermath.