For a period of ten months, I assisted the DC Madam, mostly as a general researcher. For several weeks I was an official paid member of her defense in that capacity and periodically provided her with general advice on the political landscape of that period: from when her home was searched by the federal government in a USPS-IRS investigation in the midst of the 2006 midterms, well into the first months of 2008 as the financial crisis and a new round of national elections loomed, which culminated in the election of the first black American president.

There are so many untold aspects to her case, that the only way to best describe this mess, and to best serve the record, was to chronicle it in an written account while it was still fresh in my mind. Expect an inside look into the case unlike no other. Palfrey was correct: this was a witch-hunt.

A lifelong student of history, I received a Bachelor’s degree in American History in 1995 and also have a background in sociology, criminology, and social theory.

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